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Breathing Is another  Way to Pray

Finding a personal balance is important, especially when life is busy and schedules get crazy. At To Your Wholeness, our goal is to provide a comfortable environment that fosters awareness as well as a true sense of balance. With a variety of yoga asanas that I will teach you at  the level that is comfotable for you, you will in a short time feel the difference in your mind body & heart connecting more to your full energic being!

Yoga is another way to help keep our bodies  aligned &  moving well for optimum health. According to yoga teacher and author Erin Byron MA, "As we align our bodies we are less likely to carry misery & spread it around the world".  She also writes in her book Yoga for the Creative Soul, "Yoga also supports you in understanding your mind, the emotions, beliefs, perceptions and choices that lead us to Joy or despair.  We are transformed by choosing our own perspectives and taking conscious  intentional action".

You can easily achieve this as part of a weekly practice, or you may choose to do a biweekly practice as I do.  I will assist you in your practice with support, instruction, and motivation in private sessions in your home (references preferred).  You will learn to practice:

   - Simple Asanas for mindfulnes, like the child pose (Balasana) and still poses like Danasana and Savasana.

   - Hip Openers like the Bound Angle(Baddha Konaasana) and the Seated Twists.Seateded Twists have been documeted in several Yoga periodicals to help with depression.

   - Spine support ex. Cat and Cow asana. And Balancing poses like the Tree pose (VRKSaSana) and Warrior 1 and Warrior 2.

   - We will also incorporate Breathwork plus short meditations, aiding you in getting out of your head if even for a few minutes . This can be very renewing  and calming, and set your day or end your day on a higher vibration. 

I am a Certified Yoga Instructor through "Love your Body Yoga", a husband & wife teacher team that have been on the path teaching students for over 35 years (I've known Ron and Gail for over 16 years).  I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years. 

Call today to begin a practice that will make a difference in how you feel totally, Mind, Body, Heart, and Spirit!